The Joy Of Songkran Celebration

The Joy Of Songkran Celebration

The Origins of the Songkran Celebration

The Astrological New Year and the Thai Lunar Calender Thailand’s Songkran Event is by much the most important occasion of the year for the Thai individuals. The term Songkran itself means,” a relocation or change in the placement of the sunlight from Aries to Taurus,” it falls at some time in between April 10 and also April 18 and also in Thai tradition it includes the party of the end of one year– ‘Troot’– and the start of a brand-new year – ‘Songkran’. Hence, the Thai New Year is an item of astrological as well as lunar features according, to the old Thai lunar schedule.

Today, the main Thai New Year drops in the 5th month of the casino Malaysia Thai lunar year. As we will see, at once in the past it was commemorated in the very first lunar month. The reasons for the several factors that determine the timing of Songkran, in addition to the reasons for the adjustment from the first lunar month to the fifth lunar month, are partly discovered in the beginnings of the Tai individuals in southerly China, to their culture of rice farming throughout the ages, as well as to their adherence to a Buddhist approach which incorporates a large degree of astrological idea from ancient Hindu culture. These attributes in addition to the Thai systems of days, dates, months and also periods are the topic of this post, and it is wished that from these visitors will gain a further recognition for the underlying significance of the Thai New Year.


The Tais migrated southward right into Thailand from their farming, areas of southern China long back. With them they brought their society, custom-mades and also ideas which were based on a mix of Chinese versions and neighborhood climatic features of plant sowing, as well as harvest times. The schedule was lunar and based on the farming cycle of their location, which started in the initial lunar month of Deuan Ai (late November – very early December: See Chart 1: Months of the Thai Lunar Schedule) and finished in the twelfth lunar month of Deuan Sib Sorng (late October – early November). After migrating southward to the much more exotic climate of Thailand and adjusting to brand-new societies already in the location along with somewhat different climate patterns, a change took place as well as the flew Year at some point came to be celebrated in April.


Buddhism has a relationship to both the astrological and lunar attributes of the Thai calendar. Having actually originated in northern India, in a Hindu setup Buddhism usually carried with it astrological routine features from Brahman India. Additionally, as Buddhism conveniently accommodated many various other beliefs, such as the Tai animism, it was early embraced by the Tais of southerly China long before the founding of Thailand. Numerous old holy place structures developed by Tai kings had an astrological base in terms of design as well as construction and these were constructed to represent the universe as well as its huge bodies.

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